Roundtrip car rental in ahmedabad

Roundtrip car rental in ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the chief city in the state of Gujarat, is a lively metropolis famous for its rich history, stunning style, and busy markets. With its manymagnetisms and cultural landmarks, the city is a popular purpose for travelers looking to submerge themselves in India's diverse culture and history. One of the best customs to travel Ahmedabad and its contiguous areas is by renting a car and boarding on a roundtrip adventure. ACR Car Rental Service is a trustworthy car rental company in Ahmedabad that offers a wide range of cars to suit every tourist'swants. Whether you are wayfaringsingle, with family or groups, ACR Car Rental Service has the perfect car for your journey.


One of the most popular roundtrip routes in Ahmedabad is the Custom Walk, which takes friends on a journey through the city's historic old city. Starting at the iconic Sabarmati Ashram, where Mahatma Gandhi once lived, the Heritage Walk permits through several important landmarks, comprising the SidiSaiyyed Mosque, the Jama Masjid, and the Swaminarayan Temple. With a rental car from ACR Car Rental Service, you can travel these sites at your own pace, ending to admire the complexstyle and learn about their historical import.


Another must-see purpose in Ahmedabad is the AdalajStepwell, a superb 15th-century construction that served as a water source and meeting place for the local open. Located just a short drive from the town center, the stepwell is a maincase of Gujarat's architectural and engineering prowess. With a car rental from ACRCar Rental Service, you can simply visit the AdalajStepwell and capture its loveliness through photos or explore its depths to experience its cooling result on a hot day.


For those concerned in traveling nature, the Thol Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit purpose near Ahmedabad. Home to a wide variety of bird species, comprising flamingos, pelicans, and herons, the sanctuary is a haven for birdwatchers and environmentfans. With a rental car from ACR Car Rental Service, you can drive to the reserve and expend hours witnessing the birds in their natural haunt. Don't forget to bring your eyeglasses and camera to capture the beauty of the reserve's feathered citizens.


If you are a history informal, then a visit to the SarkhejRoza complex is a must. This architectural marvel dates back to the 15th century and types a mosque, tomb, and a bastion, all built in the Indo-Saracenic style. Visiting this compound will give you a pointer into Ahmedabad's rich nationalcustom and its architectural ability. With a rental car from ACR Car Rental Service, you can easily access the complex and travel its manyconstructions at your relaxation.


After a day of traveling Ahmedabad's many magnetisms, you can treat yourself to a lovely meal at one of the city's famedcafés. From old-style Gujarati thalis to international cuisines, Ahmedabad offers a diverse range of eating options to suit every enjoyment. With a rental car from ACR Car Rental Service, you can easily drive to the diner of your select and enjoy a substantial meal before heading back to your housings.


In conclusion, a roundtrip car rental in Ahmedabad with ACR Car Rental Service is the perfect way to travel the city and its nearby areas at your own pace. Whether you are attracted in history, style, nature, or cuisine, Ahmedabad has something to offer every traveler. With a reliable rental car from ACR Car Rental Service, you can embark on aimpressivetrip through this vibrant city and generatefixedretentions of your visit to Gujarat.

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